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AKA Joseph Castillo is the Manhattan, New York native now living in Bennington, Vermont. Just Cauz, last of the 80's babies grew up listening to and loving a plethora of music from jazz, oldies, rap, salsa, meringue, rock and roll to blues and hip hop just to name a few. Hip hop became his passion through influences like Biggie, Tupac, Talib Kweli, Most Def, The Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks and Kanye West among others. Just Cauz has developed a unique sound that blends elements of hip hop never used before to form a one of a kind of emcee. He fell in love with rap the first time he heard it at 8yrs old but didn't yet know how deep his love for rap was until he was 16yrs. At 16 years of age Just Cauz was in his first impromptu rap battle and won it and that is what solidified his decision to become a rap artist. That very summer he started writing his own lyrics to his own songs. In 2015 and 2016 Just Cauz won the online audition portion of Teambackpack's annual rap contest. 

Just Cauz has been in the Bennington Banner, Rutland, Burlington and Montipillier’s local newspaper for his art. Just Cauz has not only performed at the Capitol Building at Montpellier, for the Juneteenth 2021 celebration but was also allowed to write a song for the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and the BLM (Black Lives Matter Movement) because of it. This was filmed live and aired on OrchaTV on Montpellier’s local TV youtube channel. Just performed with The Horsemen at all these events. The song that The Horsemen wrote for the BLM was titled “Black America.” The BLM also asked The Horsemen to go to Castleton College to create and shoot a music video for the song "Black America" we made for them. They also aired both the Juneteenth celebration and our music video at the NAACP Awards ceremony that year. The Horsemen were also able to perform in the Bennington BLM Protest and were able to participate in the painting of the Mural in front of the police station. The Horsemen, because of all the new notoriety, were approached about working with Alchemist Brewery, an amazing brewing company based out of Stowe, Vermont. They wanted The Horsemen to perform at some shows for them. The Horsemen were so honored they decided to create a song for the company called “Drinks Up.” At the end of that year Just Cauz and ForeverFresh were able to participate and perform in the 2021’s NBL National Billiard League Championship Tournament held in Edison, New Jersey. This Awards show was filmed live and put on Roku TV and YouTube on the Nation Billiards Association's Channel.

Just Cauz has had Press Releases in several different magazines written about him. For example Just Cauz has been featured in Hype, Raptology and Rap Castle Magazine.  His milestones continue to grow with his debut album “Legend in the Making” that dropped June 15th of last year. He also dropped a six track EP alongside artist Shorty Bang titled the “JustBang” EP. Currently, he is working hard on growing a global fanbase on his social media pages, his website, continuing his work as a full time artist, merchandise creator, content creator and full time business owner of his new LLC (Just Cauz LLC.) He works on his YouTube Channel (Just Cauz’s YouTube Channel where he creates remixes to old and new classic songs, called "Where's the Booth.”) He is also working on a new album, new merchandise, new shows and some secret works for this year 2023.  

Last year Just Cauz was able to open for some Hip-Hop legends. He was also able to perform at some Hip-Hop staples. He was able to open for Craig-G of Juice Crew and CanIBus. He was also able to open for A.F.R.O, J. Stone, 845 The Hoodies & Locksmith. He has also opened for Young Zee and PaceWon of The Outsidaz. Cauz was able to perform at Mohegan Sun Casio’s Comix Roadhouse in Connecticut. He was able to perform at The Shaskeen Restaurant and Pub in Manchester, New Hampshire. These two places are definitely Hip-Hop mainstays. He was also allowed to perform for Tall Truck, a skateboarding and cannabis company located in the northern Hills of Vermont. They asked Just Cauz to perform at the Tall Truck Huck in Manhattan, New York at the LES  Coleman Skatepark. This Skatepark is one of the Mecca’s of skateboarding and a stomping ground for Hip-Hop Icons.

Cauz was able to compete in two rap contests. One contest was held in Connecticut. It was an impromptu happening, due to the fact the contest wasn’t initially for him. The contest was for Shorty Bang. They both ended up placing in the contest, Shorty Bang won first place and Just Cauz won second. Later that night they learned that they both won trips to the state of Florida for them and their families and they performed for Janet Jackson’s Talent Agent. Just Cauz’s second competition he was a part of was a nationwide competition called Opening Act’s "Hollywood Bowl.” This contest encompassed everything and anything music related from country, salsa, classical music, to dance, beatboxing, djing, rapping ect. Out of thousands of contestants he placed 2nd place in the wildcard round. The wildcard round of the competition was the round right before the final round in which he had to beat the remaining contestants there would be the last four contestants left. 

He also had the privilege of working with two amazing organizations that stand for some even greater causes! He was able to work with S.O.S Recovery Community Organization based out in Dover, New Hampshire Sept 10th 2022. ForeverFresh secured this show and Cauz was blessed with being able to perform for Maggie Hassan and Chris Papas senators of New Hampshire at Park in Dover New Hampshire. Cauz was also able to perform in the The Tour for Life. Tour for Life is a Mental Health & Suicide Awareness group based out of Manchester, New Hampshire Aug. 20th 2022. 

Cauz was able to take part in another amazing opportunity last year as he take part in one of World Emcee’s Rooftop Cyphers. World Emcee (formally known as Teambackpack) is a Underground Hip-Hop Mecca that was one of Just Cauz's major goals he has been trying to complete since he won the online competitions in 2015 and 2016!   

With his uncanny delivery, creative word play Just Cauz is someone to watch! Just Cauz, is a new school MC with an old school boom-bap flavor! He has leveled up on his grasp of his art-form, becoming a name synonymous with witty bars, jaw dropping delivery, and versatile lyricism in the short time he has been on the scene. Fans will get an in-depth look into the wordsmith, what he has endured and experienced up to this point in his career as an emcee.

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